Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meeting the dutch

Today was "black saturday", one of the days when the great exodus of dutch to the south is at it's worst and the highways are clogged with cars, caravans and trailers.
We just had our holiday in the Auvergne in France, a relatively unknown place. But it didn't matter where we went, we were sure to run into some dutch. We heard and spotted dutch everywhere we went. It's often said that the dutch are one of the most travelled people on earth. This trip confirmed it.
But  not only did we run into dutch, we ran into people that my husband knows, at a restaurant in the middle of Vichy. Who would have thought!
This man happens to have played an important part in my husband setting up his own business. It was practically a meeting through divine intervention. Just that morning my husband had prayed that he would be able to encourage someone that day and this meeting was an answer to that prayer. My husband was able  to tell this man about how some of the things he had talked about with Herman  had been so important. At a certain point in the conversation the man pointed to his arm and said "goosebumps". He had chills all over.

So not only did we see many anonymous dutch, we even met familiar ones. Wonder who we'll run into next time we're gone!

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