Saturday, July 28, 2012

La Belle France

Holland is pretty well known for it's ordered dutch houses. Things are perfectly aligned and structured and neat and cozy. Maybe that's why many dutch chose to buy a second home in France.

We're in one of those homes now. Probably built somewhere in the 1800's out of huge rocks. Big thick walls, little windows. Surrounded by old sheds with cracked wooden doors. This house is still in progress of being rebuilt, and so retains all it's old time charm. Building regulations are much less strict here than in Holland, so there's more freedom to be creative. And because there's so much space, you can buy a bigger house with a lot of ground for a lot less than in Holland.

This all makes for a lovely change of scene. After the initial shock of seeing what seems to be a rather rundown house set in the middle of weeds, I'm now sitting outside in the shade with a view over trees and hills. Bees are buzzing, the wind is blowing, the heat is shimmering on the old driveway and crickers are chirping away in the knee high weeds. 

Like I just read in a magazine,   "Travel and change of pace impart new vigor to the mind"

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