Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reclaimed land

One of my dear friends lives in Swifterbant, which is a small town in what we call the polder. 15 minutes from my house I cross over a bridge and find myself on the reclaimed ocean floor. A big stretch of land which once used to be sea and is now home to tulips, trees and big modern windmills.
I don't particularly like this area. Because it's relatively new the towns are very modern and the roads are laid in straight lines. None of the wandering lanes which pass by idyllic farms, just level roads where one is tempted to step on the gas and get a speeding ticket. And I don't like the big modern windmills. They look like ugly robots waving their arms at me.
But there is one advantage... the whole area where she lives is surrounded by water. So just a 4 minute drive from her house leads you to views of timeless nature on one hand and modern technology on the other. Boats came sailing by, in all their divers forms. We saw cars waiting in line for the the bridge to close. (The bridge was part of a four lane highway) The wind blew, the dog chased the sticks, and we had a few moments of peace and relative quiet.

It goes to show that beauty can be found anywhere, if you look close enough!

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