Thursday, July 5, 2012


I love our garden.
We live on the corner of a row of attached houses. I looked it up, and evidently this type of house is called a rowhouse/townhouse/or terraced house.  Very few houses are free standing here, there's just not enough room!
Being on the end of the row means we have an extra bit of lawn, making our garden pretty big by dutch standards. Often times the gardens of rowhouses are referred to as "postage stamps". I suppose that says enough!
So we're lucky with our garden. It has enough room for a picknick table, a hammock, a corner with regular seating and even a teeny tiny little vegetable garden that we planted this year. I don't particularly like gardening, but I do like seeing colors, so the effort is made to keep the garden looking sweet and welcoming.
Drop by for a visit, preferably when it's warm, so we can be outside and enjoy it!

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