Sunday, July 8, 2012


Who knew that even painkillers are culturally defined?
I was chatting to my girl in India who found a great painkiller there. A mix of stuff that's not available here, and definitely not over the counter. Of course India is an exception to a lot of rules, with all kinds of medication being found on every street corner that definately would not be approved in other countries. When we were there my mom went looking for some simple med's to prevent diarrhea and was instead presented with a huge selection of antibiotics. I've even read that the resurgence of some bacteria can be traced back to India, because people use antibiotics until they feel better, don't finish the treatment and therefore increase bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
But I'm way off topic. I'm feeling the need for an indian painkiller because the dutch stuff isn't working for me today. And I also am feeling the need for some melatonin, because my boy isn't sleeping well without it. And that can't be bought over the counter here either.

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