Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sick Leave

This is my third week of sick leave due to feeling pretty burnt-out. In the weeks before I had been working half days, but that didn't have the desired effect of relieving my exhaustion.
As guilty as I often feel about being home without any severe physical symptoms, I'm also ever so grateful to the dutch system for making it possible for me to have a paid sick leave like this. Giving me the opportunity to recuperate, reevaluate, and start afresh in what I hope will not be all to long of a time. Because I am a civil servant, I also have the option of going to see a social worker or a psychologist to help me in this process.
The health care system in Holland works for our family in so many ways. I have a husband with chronic illnesses, a son with a chronic illness, and my daughter has been sickly for a long time as well. I can't imagine what our finances would be like if we had to pay for all of the medicine and medical checkups that we use or go to each year. Sure, we make monthly payments to our health care provider, but that is nothing in comparison to the actual costs that are made.
This is definitely one of the blessings of living here. 

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