Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Around this time one of the most asked questions is "where are you going for vacation?". School has almost  ended and plans are being made.

My daughter is in India, having her own vacation adventures. Son much prefers to hang out in his room, with his computer and with his friends on skype or whatever game he's playing at that time. He can't be tempted to go with us vacation. He prefers the comfort and the familiarity of home. When we were talking about going somewhere we were faced with blank stares and rolling of eyes and firm statements about his not wanting to go with us anywhere in the near future! .
So alternatives have been sought, with the biggest issue being what to do with the fifteen year old computer geek? He's not old enough to stay at home alone. He had convinced us that he will be able to stay with friends, something that he will probably be arranging on the spur of the moment, as he is wont to do.
We will be heading of to France with friends. Lots of dutch folks head for France, evidently it's a beautiful country. I've always had a slight aversion to it, purely because of the language. I can't speak a word of French and when I try the reactions I evoke are either blank stares of incomprehension or hysterical laughter. My husband said he would get a good laugh out of my french this vacation, but I told him I would not make even one attempt to speak it, not matter how dire the situation. 


  1. France, c'est beau! Tant pis pour les regards vides ... Profitez d'un bon vin, le fromage et détendez-vous ...
    (thank you google translate ;)

    1. Funny man! I had to use google translate in reverse to find out what you wrote!!


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