Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It is surprising to me, each and every time, how much a sense of space influences my mood.

I've just come back from France. It was my first time, definately not my last if it's up to me! I thought the fact that I spoke no french would bother me a lot, but actually it didn't. And how many french people do you know that come to Holland and speak the language?

I spent 10 days just soaking in the views. Of sunflower and wheat fields, of hills and rivers and valleys. It was so soothing to my eyes and mind.
Coming back to flat small Holland has left me feeling a bit flat and small as well.

I grew up with views. Views of hills and eucalyptus trees and lakes and valleys. Being able to look out gives my soul a sense of space.
And as lovely as Holland is (and it really is!), I miss space. It can be found if I go looking for it, so again I need to remind myself to go and look. To make the effort to sooth my eyes and mind.

I can't help but wish that it was just around the corner though ;-)


  1. I hope you wrote this when you were tired. Definately? :P

    1. Thank you dear sweet daughter of mine, for pointing out my spelling mistakes.... luf joe!!


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