Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My husband and I have never really fallen for the charms of camping. We prefer a caravan or a bungalow when we go on holiday.
Not so for many of the dutch.
Today I visited a friend who was staying at a relatively big camping in Overijssel, a province in Holland just to the north of where we live. She and her kids were enjoying themselves thoroughly. Evidently they ended up on a field of campers who were very friendly and sociable. Which is a good thing, because there's very little privacy here! According to my friend, these were the luxury sites, with more space than usual. To my eyes, it still looks pretty crowded. So I'm happy for her that they are in good company and enjoying their stay!
Husband and I often chose to stay at small farmer type campings when we went on holiday. With space for 10 to 15 tents/caravans, not many more. But even then I was very aware of how much noise I was making, and especially how much noise the kids would make. Our kids were awake almost every night for 8 years running, so this was a real concern. One time we even resorted to using sleeping pills for our youngest, but when he even woke up crying right through the pills we just gave up and accepted the noise.

Now I'm curious. Is it just me who thinks that this camping, and most in Holland are pretty cramped? Or is it a universal thing that when camping you end up very close to your neighbors?

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