Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saying Goodbyes

I posted this question on my boarding school facebook group and it has elicited a lot of discussion.
I'm curious to hear your opinions, so I'm reposting the question here. I would love to read your reactions in the comments!

I just waved goodbye to my daughter, who is going to India for two months. The reactions from those around me who aren't MK's or TCK's are all about wishing me good luck, and wondering won't I miss her a lot, and aren't you worried, wishing me strength for the time she's gone. However much I appreciate the good wishes, they don't resonate with me. I think it's because I'm still so used to saying goodbyes, and being in touch with people in other countries, that I don't have that big of a sense of loss. I know she's going somewhere safe, that she's in good company, that she's doing something she likes and that she's confident and capable. So, my question is, have I become hard hearted because of growing up as an MK, or do you guys share the same feeling? (or am i just not that sentimental?)

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  1. I don't cry over goodbyes with my kids and I think it's because I am both not overly sentimental and really excited for the opportunities that are taking them away from me.


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