Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grocery shopping

Daughter dear is heading off to India on friday, for a two month stay. Her birthday is in exactly a month, so she's decided to throw a party tomorrow. 40 people or so are expected for some baked goods and a bbq.

So today is spent in preparing. Which meant we first headed off to the Lidl, a german based discount supermarket, comparable to the Aldi in the US. We also have an Aldi here, but the assortment of food is much smaller than that of the Lidl.

Since maybe half a year the Lidl is open until 8 on most nights, and 9 on friday night. Before that it was open until 6. Which meant some smart planning  as far as shopping goes. Often times the supermarket would be packed full with last minute harried shoppers frantically grabbing their dinner ingredients. Now it's just a bit less stressed.

This is all local information though. Big cities have longer opening hours, but that much modernisation has not yet migrated to our small bible belt town.

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