Sunday, June 24, 2012


On a gloomy miserable rainy day like today taking a bike ride is just about the last thing on my mind. Nevertheless, biking is a pastime eagerly employed by many a Dutchman (or woman). Maybe sometimes not so eagerly, but more out of necessity. My family went for years without a car and did everything by bicycle and public transportation. Those days are over though, as we even have the luxury of two cars in front of the house now. Only one of which I can drive, the other being for my husbands business.
But this is all besides the point. 

The point being that I own a lovely bicycle! After working a lot of hours at my job, I had built up a backlog of time off. Too much time off. So one of the options I was offered was a trade. My hours for a bicycle. This pretty pink bike is the result of that exchange. I have the most awesome bicycle bags ever on the back, they are picnic bags! Haven't been able to use them much though, with the nasty weather being what it is.

Hopefully this bike will be used for some good adventures in the surrounding area, soon, if possible!

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